Miniature Pug


There are numerous miniature dog breeds which have proven to be of great convenience for people living mainly in apartments. These dog breeds require less space and therefore, live well even in smaller places. A mini pug is one such dog breed, which is ideal for an apartment lifestyle. Though miniature dogs are treated as toy dog breeds and have a small body structure, they are built with a strong personality. This article will give you a brief description of this breed.

The origin of the pug dog breed is still unknown to many breeders and dog lovers. However, as per the record, this breed has been in existence since 400 BC. Dogs of this breed were of Oriental origin and therefore were considered to be of great importance among Buddhist monks. The pug is regarded as one the best companion dogs and was therefore kept by Chinese emperors too. As they were possessed by emperors, pugs were soon classified as toy dog breeds, which demanded a lot of attention and care. By the 1800s, this breed came to US. In the year 1885, the pug dog breed was registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), which gave a boost to its popularity. Their appearances in television commercials and movies have brought a deliberate rise in the demand.

General Facts About Pugs
The pug dog breed is in itself a small dog. Its small body with short legs and flat muzzle has earned this breed many names such as teacup pug, mini pugs, miniature pug and toy pugs. Though this breed is not well recognized by the AKC, such a bloodline does exist. This breed was created by bringing together a chihuahua and a pug. This breed is much smaller in size than the original pug dog breed. The pup of a chihuahua and a pug, resembles a pug and is therefore known as a miniature pug. This tiny pug breed weighs around 3 pounds and has a slightly longer snout. The health of this mixed breed depends a lot on the health of its parents. As the chihuahua is a small dog breed, it is preferred that it undergoes a cesarean section. However, there are certain chihuahuas that can give natural birth and still be healthy.

Temperament and Care
The pug dog breed is like a shadow that loves to follow its master. They have many similar characteristics as that of a dog of a pug bloodline. This mini pug is obedient, loving, caring and sturdy in nature. They get along with the family they are living in and are always exhibit friendly gestures towards people. Miniature pug care is a vital aspect in maintaining the good health of the breed. These pugs weigh less and require a little bit more attention and care. They are delicate and need to be handled with care. If you have brought a mini pug at home, then its safety should be the primary concern. As this bloodline is fragile, minor accidents can cause great harm to them. Being a small dog, it must also be protected from cold weather as it might trigger more health problems in them. Healthy parents can limit the health issues and give you a healthier and happier mini pug.

This is an excellent bloodline of dogs and can comfortably live an urban lifestyle. However, the owner’s ignorance can bring about all the negative traits in the dog, and will lead to a weaker bond between the dog and its master. Therefore, extreme care is essential if you want to possess a breed like this one.