How to Train a Pug Puppy


Pugs have been in existence since 400 BC and have always been regarded as a toy dog breed. Pugs originally come from China and were in existence since the Shang Dynasty. The breed was then also known as Lo-Chiang-Sze and Foo. As the years passed, the pug became one of the favorite pets among the Buddhist monks and then spread to Japan and Europe.

This timid dog is playful, friendly and yet carries itself with dignity. Pugs are known to be more social breeds than any other, and require a lot of attention and care. Pugs are small in size and come in fawn, black, apricot fawn and silver coat colors. In case of improper care, pugs are likely to suffer from certain health problems such as obesity. Having a wrinkled face also results in infection. Therefore, before bringing a puppy home the buyer must know about how to care for a pug. Proper care and training can assure a healthy life for your pug.

Potty Training
A pup is too young to understand the overall hygiene of the environment. As it takes time to adapt to new surroundings, it is likely to poop all around the house. In case you want to avoid the trouble of constantly cleaning the house, consider potty training lessons for your pug.

Select a desired place for the pug to do its business. Some people also use crates, which help in keeping the house more clean. The intestine of the puppy pug is small and it would digest the food faster and make the pup poop quiet often. When your pup begins sniffing, it’s a sign that it wants to do its business. At the beginning the dog will not understand your commands, so it is better to pick it up and place where it should poop. Repeat this till the time it begins to understand your commands. As the pup grows a little older, command the pup by saying Potty or say Crate in case you want to poop in its crate.

Teaching Basic Commands
Teaching certain basic commands is important part of puppy training. It instills some discipline as well in your dog. Sit, Stay, Roll, Fetch, Jump and No are some of simple and easy commands that can be taught to your pup. While training your pug keep some treats handy as dogs are likely to quickly to obey commands. Also remember that puppies are weak at maintaining their focus for a long time. Therefore, keep your training sessions short.

Teaching the Walk
Taking little pups on a walk is always a tense task. However, it is essential for them to behave when they are taken out on a walk. Dogs mainly enjoy going on a walk with their master. Therefore, they are always excited and tend to lead the way. This trait is prevalent in many dogs and must be well trained to avoid them from getting out of control. As you finally decide to take your little pug out, call the pup to you and calm it down. Once the pup settles down, slowly put on the leash. The master must step out first and then the pup must follow. In case the pup steps out first, it is likely to take the lead throughout the walk.

While walking, if the pup pulls you, slightly pull its leash. A slight strain on the neck will slow down the pup and it will try to walk beside you.

Dogs must be taught the methods of socializing, otherwise they tend to develop fear, become aggressive, and get excited when they come across new people. Allow the pup to be handled by all the family members, neighbors and friends. The pup will get used to the handling and also be able to recognize its environment well.

Teaching Tricks
Teaching tricks is always the fun part of training. After the tough training sessions, you can relieve your pup by teaching it some fun tricks. This session is enjoyable to both the pup and its master. Following are a few tricks that you can the little pug to perform.

Roll Over
Make the pug lay on the floor. Once it settle down, show the pup its favorite treat and move it around towards the floor. As you bring the treat closer to the pup, command it to roll over. When the pup attempts and rolls over, offer the treat and pat and praise it. This will take a some time but eventually your dog will learn to perform it well.

Hand Shake
Let the pug be seated before you teach the hand shake trick. Once your pup is well settled, reach out your hand towards its paw and say Shake hand. The pup will take time to figure out what the command is. So, as you offer your hand for a shake hand, slightly lift the pup’s paw and do a shake hand. Repeat this for a couple of times till the pup understands the trick. Always keep treats handy and praise the pup whenever it makes an attempt to obey your commands.

It is among the easy and simple tricks that your pug will love to perform. Hold its favorite treat in your hand and show it to your pug. Make sure that your little pug is standing still. Hold the treat in front its nose but be careful as the pup might just pounce to grab it. Once the pug has noticed the treat in your hand, move it towards the chest and say bow as the pug follows the direction of the treat. Repeat the trick for a few times and watch your pup perform the trick without the treat.

These were some of the techniques, which can ease out your pug training sessions. Training must be cautiously and proficiently done to turn your little pug pup into the most disciplined and loyal dog.

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