How to Convince Your Parents to Get a Dog


If you have decided that you want a dog at any cost, then the first thing that you need to do is to STOP BUGGING YOUR PARENTS. If you keep bothering them and irritating them again and again, then these tips will prove useless for you. Just like you hate it when they keep nagging you, the feeling is mutual for them too. Given below are some methods that you can try to make them see your point of view so that they agree to get you a dog.

Show that You are Responsible
Don’t just say it, prove it. They may have heard you saying this same line over and over again, and yet they need to keep telling you to do your stuff on time. So of course telling them, ‘get me a dog and I will prove it that I am responsible’, is not going to work. You have to prove it before you get the dog. Get the idea of a dog into their head, tell them that you will be responsible, and then start working on it. Clean your room, help your dad to wash the car, help your mom in the kitchen, lay the table without being asked, eat your food properly, and so on, without them having to tell you. And although you might think that they are not noticing, they are. Though they might not be convinced by your changed behavior for a few weeks, if you do not give up, they will soon be convinced. Patience is all you need.

Do your Research
Just like you demand a reason when your parents ask you not to do something, they have the right to ask you why you need the dog; so be ready with an explanation, and a really convincing one too. Tell them how you hate to return from school to a lonely house, how you will cut down on your TV shows timing and go out to the park and play with your dog or train it, and how it will be good for your health. Don’t forget to focus on points like how dogs provide security from robbers by guarding the house at night, how they make loyal friends and keep their masters happy, etc. If you tell them something like, ‘Because John has it..”, then you can be sure that it won’t work.

Show how Serious you Are
When planning to convince your parents to get a dog, prove to them that you are dead serious about it. You have to do your homework really well, which means that you have to do all your research about the breed that you want, from where you can get it, how much it is going to cost, what kind of a temperament it will have, who is the nearest vet, what are the various shots that you need to give your dog, how to take care of it, find out which are the best dogs for children, etc. If you succeed in proving yourself serious enough, who knows, you will probably get a small puppy this Christmas.

A Second Dog
The above tips were mainly for those who do not have a dog, but really want one. However, there are some kids who, despite having a dog, demand for another one and their parents, although convinced the first time, are having a hard time agreeing the second time. Therefore, to convince them, you can tell them how your dog needs a partner and how it is all lonely and craving for some company, show that you can manage another dog by showing more responsibility towards the first one, tell your folks that managing a second dog will be a much easier task as you already have some experience about training and caring for one. These explanations will help convince them. However, if despite them getting convinced the first time, you have proved that you are irresponsible when it comes to caring for a dog, then getting a second one will be really difficult.

Beg, Plead, and Shed Tears
This is the last resort and this step is to be used when everything else fails. Just get down on your knees, fold your hands, shed a few tears, and plead with your parents. Give them a ‘puppy’ look and try to melt their heart and change their mind. If your neighborhood is not good enough for a big dog, go for a small one, just to please them.

These pointers will prove helpful if you are serious about getting a dog. And please do not keep bothering your parents again and again and start with all these ‘dog wanting’ strategies as soon as they come back from work or when they are in a bad mood. Choose a time when they are relaxed and in a good mood and then pop the question. Be polite and DO NOT create a scene if they say no for the first, second, or third time. Let them ponder over it for a while before they come to a conclusion. The end result will be great.